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In the market for golf clubs and uncertain about what you should buy and how much you should pay? Well you’re not alone and I’m happy to say we have some solutions for every level of golfer and every budget. The first thing to understand is not everyone needs to or should spend the money required to buy the latest and greatest. When a product line is first introduced it is well marketed and often has some refinements that do improve quality of play, however there have not been leaps in technology over the past 6 or 7 years that justifies the cost. Provided you have clubs manufactured by one of the majors that are no more than 5 or 6 years old you already have all the technology advancements you likely require. If your clubs have been played a lot over that time period and are starting to look worn then perhaps a change is warranted but I’d really recommend purchasing towards the end of the introductory cycle. Once the next product line is introduced the price point on the previous product is reduced but the quality remains the high.

If you’re a beginner it’s important to buy enough club, not just the cheapest product available. Costco does sell inexpensive clubs but you are going to improve and you won’t be happy with those clubs in a couple of years. I’d suggest the strategy is twofold, first, very similar to the above, purchase new product just as that product line is being replaced. Second look for some high quality used clubs, with either strategy you’ll be able to purchase quality golf clubs at a price point that is affordable and the clubs will last for years.


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Watch this site for special prices on the great clubs you enjoyed renting and talk to us now about ordering new custom built clubs. Thinking of changing clubs this year, why not try them out during your golf trip and if you enjoy the experience talk to us about how they can be purchased and shipped directly to your home or have your custom built clubs shipped directly from the manufacturer to your home

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Lastly there are differences in hit-ability, some clubs are just easier to hit than other clubs. Tour Pros play blade irons because when they are struck in the middle they really reward with greater distances, however when not struck in the middle of the face they really penalize. Perimeter weighted and slightly offset irons may not reward a center face hit as much as a blade but they don’t penalize a toe hit either. Unfortunately most of us amateurs hit off center as much as on center consequently an easier to play iron is the ticket for most golfers. Callaway and TaylorMade both offer some great clubs that fall into the category of easier to hit and we’ll be happy to outline some of the best options. These are the clubs we play so we know whereof we speak!

If you fall into any of the above categories and are either buying for the first time or replacing your set, renting premium clubs from Travel Golf Center is a perfect way to try out something different before you buy. We also sell our used clubs so if you play with it and you like it we can sell it to you, we’ll even take off your rental fees from the price. If however you’d rather buy new we will create a custom order from Callaway or TaylorMade and have the clubs shipped direct to your home, no need to pay baggage fees and haul them home on the plane. At Travel Golf Center we care about getting you the right product at a competitive price and helping you buy at the right time. Phone, you’ll be glad you did!